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Sweet&Sauer Sweet&Sauer 21 July 2019


Here's some of the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) I've seen asked a lot and here's the answers to them:

How do I spend Coins

In the bottom right there is a "shop" the two main ways you should spend your coins is on Ore storage and buying new monster eggs

Great, how do I merge the mosters I've now made from buying eggs? In the top right there is a blue Monster, tap that to merge your monsters. I highly reccomend only merging monsters by 5 for the best results.

So what should I do next?

Unlock more land by merging monsters up by 5, and heal them by harvesting sacred balls from flowers.

My monsters have fallen asleep what should I do now?

Fight in the arena by hitting the crossed swords on the left. It's a great way to get items when all of your m…

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