Rarity & Attribute

  • Butterfly Dragon are Rarity B, Gatherer Monsters
  • Faerie Dragon are advanced Butterfly Dragon
  • Level 10 Faerie Dragon can be sacrificed on the Ancient Altar to create a Larva super nest.


Flavor Text:

A lone walker in the dark forest
who feeds on small insects. His
dream is to travel all over the wild
land and collect all the totems of
Ancient God.

ButterflyDragon 1.PNG
ButterflyDragon 2.PNG
ButterflyDragon 3.PNG
ButterflyDragon 4.PNG
ButterflyDragon 5.PNG

Flavor Text:
In order to go farther and fly higher,
it chose to evolve its already
prominent wings. And it found a
companion in the Holy Pangolin
on its way.

ButterflyDragon 6.PNG
ButterflyDragon 7.PNG
ButterflyDragon 8.PNG
ButterflyDragon 9.PNG
ButterflyDragon 10.PNG
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