Miracle is the second tab in the Collection Book.


The final stage of each Miracle creates a tappable “Wonder” providing a variety of items including Egg Nests, Eggs, Coins, and Ore as outlined below.
Each “Wonder” recharges after 8-12 collective hours of in-camp game play.
Some "Wonders" spawn items in adjacent land and some "Wonders" can be harvested, as outlined below.


The following are individual categories within the Miracle Tab.

Miracle Egg Type Other Tap Rewards Spawns Harvests
Sacred Flowers ?1 ? ? Sacred Balls
Mushrooms Rhino N/A2 N/A Mushrooms Seeds
Succulents Butterfly Dragon Piles of Wealth
Map Fragments
N/A Mushrooms (2)3
Goblin Caves Viper Sacred Flowers
(4 & 5)
Sacred Flowers
(3 & 4)
Jungle Trees Phoenix Piles of Wealth (2) Dry Trunks
Wild Animal Bones
Purify Trees The Thing
Red Mystery
N/A Score Props
Sacred Balls
Sacred Balls (5)
Meteorites Hummingbird Ore Veins (3 & 4)
Free Chests (4)
N/A Rune Stones
Ore Veins (2)
Ore Veins Licker Ores
Rune Stones
Piles of Wealth (1)
Rune Stones Ores (5)
Wisdom Trees Vulture Puddles N/A Puddles
Water Ugly Fish Score Props
Free Chests (3)
Score Props
Free Chests (3)
Thorns Goat Egg/Nest Chests (Goat) N/A N/A
Seaweed Ugly Fish Ocean Chests
N/A Ocean Chests
Starfish Viper Shells (2)
Ocean Chests
Shells (1 & 2)
Free Chests
Shells Vulture
Blue Mystery
Seaweed Fishbones
Coral ? ? ? ?
Haunted Houses The Thing
Red Mystery
Egyptian Relics N/A N/A
Egyptian Relics ? ? ? ?
Battle Flags ? ? ? ?
Union Relic ? ? ? ?
Golden Union Relic ? ? ? ?


  1.  ? - Information currently unknown
  2. N/A - Section Not Applicable
  3. (#) - Item Level or Item Type: ie (2) is Level 2

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