Evil Woods are those parts of your Home Screen you have not unlocked yet.


Unlock them to get more space for stuff to collect, farm and store.

You can unlock the Evil Woods by gaining a certain amount of Monster Power. After unlocking a new segment, you still have to heal these newly accessable tiles with Sacred Power.

List of needed Dragon Power and underlying tiles (needs early game infos)

Monster Power Dead Tiles and Sacred Power needed
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
? ?
25 000 Red Piece 5k, Wonderful Sacred Moon Lvl 6 30k, Rhino Egg 60k, Rhino Nest 60k, Ancient Bones 1 60k, Rare Treasure Lvl 5 150k, Wild Animal Bones 2 250k
29 400 Rare Treasure 15k, Small Blue Ore 15k, Animal Bones 2 15k, Weed 1 30k, S Mystery Egg chest 30k, Purple Piece 60k, Weed 2 250k
35 000 Rare Treasure 5k, Dragon Skull 15k, Small Treasure 30k, Legendary Treasure 50k, Dead Plant 50k, Stone 60k, Dry Stick 150k
70 000 Weed 2 5k, Rhino Egg 150k, Red Piece 150k, Dead Plant 150k
85 000 Broken Dragon Skull 5k, Yellow Piece 5k, Gold Coin 30k, Stone 60k, Super Mystery Egg Chest 30k,  Wild Animal Bones 2 150k, Yellow Ore 250k
100 000 Small Blue Ore 5k, Emerald Coin 15k, Blue Piece 15k, Dead Plant 2 30k, Dead Plant 1 150k, Empty Tile 250k
120 000 Exotic Grass 30k, Wild Animal Bones 1 60k, Totem 250k, Pheonix Egg 250k, Emerald Coin 150k
140 000 Weed 1 60k, Wild Animal Bones 1 15k, Dragon Bones 30k, Tiny Chest 30k, Medium Ore 150k
170 000 Strange Plant lvl 3 30k, Strange Plant lvl 3 30k, Weed 3 30k, Jungle Tree lvl 4 30k, Sacred Ball, lvl 7 60k, Pheonix Egg 150k
200 000 Blue Piece 5k, Jungle Tree lvl 4 15k, Exotic Plant 30k, Medium Treasure 60k, Jungle Tree lvl 6 60k, Weed 3 15k
240 000 Stone 5k, Weed 1 15k, Weed 2 60k, Purple Piece 30k, Mysterious Plant lvl 4 60k, Small Treasure 15k
280 000
330 000
380 000
500 000 Tiny Treasure Lvl 1 15k, Red Piece 30k, Sacred Ball Lvl 7 30k, Exotic Grass 2 5k, Giant Sealed God Lvl 4 (Totem) 60k, Weed 3 150k
640 000
800 000
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