Jungle Trees


  • Jungle Tree seeds are available from harvesting Purify Trees and Mysterious Plants.
  • Merging Jungle Trees gives the chance of obtaining Mysterious Plants.
  • Level 8 and above Jungle Trees will spawn their own seeds, if given space.
  • Level 10 tree and above need 4 squares.
  • The level 12 Miracle, Queen of Jungle, can be tapped from 8-10 times for Phoenix egg/nests and Piles of Wealth every several cumulative hours of in-camp game-play. Various Ancient Bones, Trunks and Chompers will spawn around it if given space.

Types of Jungle Trees

Jungle Tree 1.png
Jungle Tree 2.png
Jungle Tree 3.png
Jungle Tree 4.png
Jungle Tree 5.png
Jungle Tree 6.png
Jungle Tree 7.png
Jungle Tree 8.png
Jungle Tree 9.png
Jungle Tree 10.png
Jungle Tree 11.png
Jungle Tree 12.png
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