• Rune Stones are available from harvesting The Exotic Manor (Meteorite miracle) and are rarely spawned from the Rainbow Crown Vein (Ore Vein miracle).
  • Level 4+ can be tapped occasionally for Cursed Flower seeds
  • Level 2+ above will spawn Withered Grass and rarely spawn Cursed Flower seeds
  • When merging there is a chance they will also spawn Larva Egg gem chests, and Dragon Skulls
  • You can harvest level 1 Rune Stones from Battle Flags Level 3.

Types of Rune Stones

Rune Stone 1.png
Rune Stone 2.png
Rune Stone 3.png
Rune Stone 4.png
Rune Stone 5.png
Rune Stone 6.png
Rune Stone 7.png
Rune Stone 8.png
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