Rarity & Attribute

  • Stone Man are Rarity B, Defensive Monsters
  • The Thing are basic Stone Man
  • Melton Giant are advanced Stone Man
  • Level 10 Melton Giant can be sacrificed on the Ancient Altar to create a Ninja Turtle super nest.


Flavor Text:
The largest species in desert
area. Lives around the ore
veins, survive by sucking
aura. Strong body with
simple mind and straight
personality. So it often gets
"bullied by the
crystal monster".

StoneMan 1.PNG
StoneMan 2.PNG
StoneMan 3.PNG
StoneMan 4.PNG
StoneMan 5.PNG

Flavor Text:
It turns into a Melton Giant
after eating a lot of aura.
But it was brutally killed by
"Crystal Monster" while
celebrating with its friend

StoneMan 6.PNG
StoneMan 7.PNG
StoneMan 8.PNG
StoneMan 9.PNG
StoneMan 10.PNG
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